The CRE industry has benefited greatly in recent years from the work of tech startups that focus on supporting it. Industry professionals are more efficient, informed, and better able to recognize and act on opportunity than ever, thanks to CRE platforms and apps.

In an industry that thrives on connection and shared information, it’s important to keep track of developments, and social media are ideal for the task. The 140-character tweet is the perfect vehicle for scanning the status quo and watching new developments. With new solutions coming along seemingly every day for listing, buying, managing, marketing, and valuing commercial properties, it’s a good idea to include some of the leading tech startups in your Twitter feed.


Office sharing is a major trend affecting the office market, and PivotDesk is leading the way in facilitating access. Office sharing eliminates the risk of a long-term lease for smaller companies who can connect with larger organizations that have excess space. It allows organizations of all sizes to find office-sharing spaces that meet their needs for the short or long term. It allows companies to focus on growing their business rather than worrying about all the money they’re spending on an office they may outgrow in a few months. Their tweets are primarily related to the office market and developments in the workplace.


This site offers an integrated suite of market-leading solutions for property listing, analysis, leasing, marketing, and CRM. It’s an all-in-one with something for everyone. Their feed is full of information on new ways to apply technology to the everyday tasks and complex transactions that make up the day in CRE.


This is the leading crowdfunding site for CRE. It brought commercial real estate funding to investors online, and since it was started just a couple of years ago, has raised funds in excess of $40 million. Small investors can get in on really big deals, with a minimum investment as low as $1000, and developers can get funding in a fraction of the time it took before.


CompStak gathers and aggregates real estate information through crowdsourcing. In exchange for access, users contribute data, primarily comps for their markets. This produces a massive database of commercial lease transaction comps from around the country. They tweet a rich mixture of industry news, current events, and trends in the workplace, retail, and industrial markets.


Hightower is a prominent commercial leasing management platform that allows brokers and owners to better manage their leases. The software allows them to collaborate with their teams, manage important files and update deals in real time on any WiFi device. It provides data to assist in decision-making and to share with clients. Their Twitter account shares news on a wide range of topics including tech, market trends, and how world news impacts CRE.

As technology for CRE becomes more and more essential for success, the companies behind it can be an important source of timely information and insights. Without their contributions, you’re missing a piece of the CRE picture. Luckily, getting access is as simple as following a few of these cutting edge companies on Twitter.